The Firm was founded in 1947 on the core principles of providing thoughtful, resourceful and excellent legal work. Those core principles continue to guide the Firm. With offices based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Anderson, McPharlin & Conners LLP serves its clients throughout California and Nevada.

Culture & Diversity

Our team of attorneys and staff are consummate professionals both inside and outside of the firm. We promote an environment in which our team has the resources and support to deliver excellent legal services in and out of the courtroom. Respect for one another in a collegial, diverse atmosphere is of paramount importance to us.

The Firm adheres to the highest ethical standards. Simply put, we do what is right and believe our integrity is one of our most valued assets. That translates to work done by our team on behalf of our clients and in the community. The Firm encourages and supports the active involvement of our team in pro bono legal work as well as charitable and other community activities because it better equips us to fulfill our Firm’s mission and helps us develop as people and professionals.

Our commitment to diversity is evident by the composition of our attorneys and staff. The Firm recognizes the importance of diversity as its provides the framework for a variety of cultures, backgrounds and experiences that shape the paradigms in which we work and relate to our clients. Our team speaks over five languages which serves the needs of our clients.

The women of Anderson McPharlin & Conners.


Our team collectively volunteers and donates time and resources to hundreds of organizations within our communities.

Involvement in our communities is a way to stay connected to the greater world around us. Our team strives to give back to the communities in which we live and work by supporting and participating in numerous charitable organizations. In addition, our Firm supports the arts as a means to promote culture, inspire citizens, and advance the common good. Community involvement provides our team with invaluable perspectives and experiences, enhancing the firm’s ability to fulfill our mission.

Pro Bono Publico

Anderson, McPharlin & Conners LLP bases its pro bono efforts on the principle that each member of society is obligated to pursue “liberty and justice for all” in ways big and small, by means profitable or not.

We have a history of commitment to the communities where we and our clients live and work.  Cognizant of our broader societal role as officers of the courts, our lawyers complement their business practices by providing access to justice for the disadvantaged members of our world. Our lawyers and staff provide thousands of hours of pro bono legal services to help change lives in a broad array of legal areas, including the following:

  • Adoption and child custody
  • Children and families in need
  • Constitutional law issues
  • Criminal defense
  • Debtor’s rights
  • Domestic violence
  • Employee benefits
  • Literary rights options
  • Race discrimination in employment
  • Government seizure of property
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Music licensing and publishing
  • Public benefits recovery
  • Wage and hour disputes


Anderson, McPharlin & Conners LLP is managed and supported by the following partners and professionals:

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