Probate and Trust Litigation


California and Nevada Probate Bond Litigation Attorneys

As part of their surety practice, the attorneys at Anderson, McPharlin & Conners LLP have defended clients throughout California, Nevada and the western United States in probate surety litigation since 1947.

From its office locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Nevada, Anderson, McPharlin & Conners continues to take a proactive approach to its cases and utilizes its extensive experience to further its goal of bringing matters to a speedy and economical resolution.

Highly Experienced California and Nevada Probate Bond Litigation Attorneys

Anderson, McPharlin & Conners LLP continues a more than half-century tradition of representing sureties in potential surcharge cases on a national basis. Anderson, McPharlin & Conners’ probate bond litigation experience enables them to handle a multitude of issues concerning probate and litigation bonds, including the following:

  • Fiduciary bond – sometimes required by probate court for a fiduciary taking charge of a decedent’s estate to pay bills and make distributions. Common fiduciary bonds include the guardianship bond, administrator or executive bond, trustee bond, and receiver bond.
  • Litigation bond – sometimes referred to as a court bond, the court may require a litigation bond to protect parties who may have financial or property interests in the case, or whose outcome may substantially affect their interests. These bonds include replevin bonds, supersedeas bond (sometimes referred to as an appeal bond), temporary restraining order bond (sometimes referred to as a TRO bond), and attachment bond.

Practice Group Attorneys:

Lisa Anne Coe
Jesse S. Hernandez
Elmira R. Howard
Vanessa H. Widener