Subrogation and Recovery

Subrogation is an important tool used by insurance companies to recover claims outlays. Anderson, McPharlin and Conners LLP worked with its insurer.

Our attorneys’ understanding of and experience with the substantive law of insurance subrogation in the jurisdictions where we practice can be critical to an insurer’s recovery of claims outlays.

Aspects of Subrogation

The Subrogation and Recovery attorneys at Anderson, McPharlin & Conners LLP are experienced in determining the proper and successful course to recovery, including following the particular jurisdictions’ special treatment of the nature and source of the subrogation right, the effect of the insurance contract on the subrogation right and the sharing of any recoveries, real parties in interest and named plaintiffs, intervention procedures, damages, and other special aspects of subrogation.

Practice Group Attorneys:

David J. Billings